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Evolution of the Mission and Program Direction of

Unicorn Children's Foundation

1994 - Present


In The Beginning...



Rosenbloom family created Unicorn Children’s Foundation to affect worldwide change through the coordination of efforts among parents, professionals and policy makers, such that every child with any communication or learning disorder, of any severity, is given the greatest opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential.


Key initiatives: establishing the Interdisciplinary Council of Developmental and Learning Disorders (ICDL), funding best-practice research programs; and dissemination of best practice information


South Florida... Here We Come!



Fundraising operations shifted to South Florida with the support of the close friends of the Rosenbloom family.


Key initiatives: funding the International ICDL conferences, funding best-practice research programs, funding scholarships for educational conferences, and $1,000,000 Endowed Chair at Nova Southeastern University


Enhanced Program Direction Needed



Shortly after the launch of Autism Speaks whose focus was on research to identify cause and cure, a program priority shift was made by UCF to assist individuals and families who were impacted by neurodevelopmental disorders


Vision: To foster increased coordination between parents, professionals and policy makers that creates worldwide change and ensures that individuals with developmental, communication and learning challenges receive the resources necessary to help them reach their full potential.


Mission: Dedicated to supporting education, awareness, and research programs and services that assist children with disorders that result in developmental, communication, and learning challenges through adulthood


Embracing the Concept of Neurodiversity



Introduction of the neurodiversity movement to UCF, resulted in a shift in language and a decision by leadership to be agents of change rather than catalysts for change


Mission expansion: Building communities of acceptance, support and opportunity for individuals and families challenged by neurodiversity.


Key Objective: providing leadership, education, and funding of innovative programs to ensure that individuals with neurodiversity are appropriately assisted, supported, and included in least restrictive ways to maximize their full potential.

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