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The objective of the volunteers for the Unicorn Children’s Foundation is to stimulate community involvement in the activities and to undertake activities for the benefit of the Unicorn Children’s Foundation in the areas of education, fundraising and communications.


The Unicorn Children’s Foundation is grateful to all the volunteers who dedicate themselves in different ways for our cause. 


The volunteers for UCF are committed to helping achieve the goals in a spirit of collaboration, information sharing, communications of results and accountability. 


Therefore, volunteer who participate in the preparation or conduct activities for the Unicorn Children’s Foundation are bound by the following rules:

  1. The volunteer agrees to participate in the activities with dignity and integrity;

  2. The volunteer shows respect and courtesy towards colleagues and the public with whom he/she may be in contact with for these activities;

  3. The volunteer does not pose any gesture that might damage the reputation and integrity of the foundation, including anything that could cause a conflict of interest, real or apparent;

  4. The volunteer agrees to work in collaboration with the staff and his/her colleagues;

  5. The volunteer will not negotiate any contractual business without a member of the senior leadership team of UCF;

  6. The volunteer agrees to share information with all colleagues and ensure, where appropriate, that all the original information on an activity is entered in a record kept by the office of UCF and made available to other volunteers, unless otherwise indicated;

  7. The volunteer who participates in a project or activity reports to the appropriate staff of the project or activity and agrees to comply with his/her directives;

  8. The volunteer agrees not to distribute or reproduce documents or information concerning its business without permission of the Executive Director, because they are considered the exclusive property of the UCF;

  9. The volunteer is committed to preserving the confidentiality of information and documents concerning the activities of the UCF;

  10. The volunteer agrees, in situation of conflict or differences of opinion, to resolve them in a spirit of collegiality and mutual respect between the volunteers involved.

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