Gift of $10,000 or more in a fiscal year

*Founder’s Club members have helped to raise in excess of $1,000,000


      Mary Lynn Bartolomeo

Juliette Ezagui

  Valeria Rosenbloom   Mary Lynn Bartolomeo
        Inducted 2011
        Founder's Club*

Lori Cabrera   Elisabeth Dalfen   Joanne Gabay
Inducted 2009    Inducted 2009   Inducted 2009
Noreen Hassan   Madeline Hillsberg  
Noreen Hassan   Madeline Hillsberg   Laura Moore
Inducted 2011   Inducted 2011   Inducted 2010
        Founder's Club*
Renata Moulavi  

Genevieve Murphy

  Shelley Resnick
Inducted 2009    Inducted 2009    Inducted 2009

 Jeannette Stark    Karen Swanson   Teri Wolofsky
 Inducted 2009   Inducted 2010
  Inducted 2010
    Founder's Club*
  Founder's Club*
Michelle Yellin   Zeigfeld Girls  
 Inducted 2009   Inducted 2009  




Gifts from $500 to $10,000 during the past year

 Rich and Andrea Altieri

Ambassador & Mrs. Claudia Baz

 Barry & Patricia Berkule

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Bucovetsky

Catholic Community Foundation

Davies, Ward, Phillips, & Vineberg 

Eric and Nicole Dorsky

Eldee Foundation 

Marguerite Hark

Ron & France Hermann

Herbert and Madeline Hillsberg

Jarislowsky Fraser Limited

Karen Lynne Galleries Boca Inc.

Donald and Yan Martindale

Stuart and Jacobs, J. J. Millowitz

James and Genevieve Murphy

Rempart Asset Management

Brian and Andrea Rich

Rosenbloom Family Foundation

RRG Big Bend LLC

Dan and Sulit Segev

Dr. Herbert Silverstein

The Greenburg-May Foundation Inc.

The Jean and David Blechman Foundation

Victor & Emily Damiano Charitable Trust.

Ronald and Michelle Yellin




Gifts up to $500 during the past year

  Ambassador Printing Company

Frank Bou and Sofia Santiago

Sydney and Barbara Bucovetsky

 David and Juliette Ezagui

Cathy Faraldo 

Allen & Vicki Filstein

 Joanne Gabay

Willian and Elaine Gerstein 

Mindy Hillsberg

Sanford and Penny Hillsberg

Harold & Elaine Kaplan

Noreen Langleben

John & Joanne Leopold

Terry Raskyn

Edward and Sheila Rich

S. Trottier Maintenance Apres Sinistre Inc.

Social Graces

Marvin & Joyce Tanner

Craig and Lizzette Uzzo

Saul and Beverly Victor

Beverly White




Gifts up to $100 during the past year

 Linda Bokinsky

 Stanton Drazen

Norm and Joni Feld

 Fitzpatrick Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Betty Goldberg

David and Joann Grimes

 Howard and Mary Holmes

Michael and Elaine Leeds

 Katherine E. Matthews

Eleanor Oshry

Ross & Suyenne Pollock

Sarah Prichard


Mike and Valeria Rosenbloom

Valeria Rosenbloom

Steven & Carmen Rotwein

Jacqueline Silverman

Jeffrey and Mia White

Zbyszek and Donna Wlusek



Gifts up to $50 during the past year

Sharon Alexander

Mary Ann Andruscavage

Helen Babione

Baron Messenger Service, Inc. 

James and Mary Lynn Bartolomeo

 Blacktie Of South Florida

Robert Blake

Maria Fernanda Bustillos

Beatrice Clancy

Malcolm and Diane Cohen

Comerica Bank

Robert and Elisabeth Dalfen

Brent and Angela Fisher

Grupo F.B., Inc.

Mondy Itzhaki

Alan and Patricia Kaufman

Edward Gert and Novin Kline

Robert Krasnov

Lees/Brown Household

Patricia B. Lefferdink

Roni Leiderman

Taffy Lissansky

Herbert and Lorraine Michaelis

Laura Moore

Ann Murley

Ronald and Marjorie Murstein

Alvaro & Carmenlidia Padilla

Luis and Isabel Perez

David and Doris Pitter

Greg Rispler

Harry & Delores Rosen

Natalie Rosenblatt Spitzer

Kim Schlinck

Ednagene Schofman

Adrienne Sillman

David and Norma Smith

Miriam Solnick

Louise Stahly

Morris Staszower

Ken and Sandy Stuteville

 Leonard & Laurie Suskind

Mark and Marilyn Lee Swillinger

Sheila Telio

Carolina Yera

Denis Zizka