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Providing a strength-based learning environment that prepares students with Neurodiversity to live, work, and enjoy life in communities, and with individuals, of their own choosing.


Unicorn Children’s Foundation presents UNICORN VILLAGE ACADEMY


An innovative High School for Youth 13-22 years of age with Neurodiversity* and Hidden Abilities offering a personalized learning environment and intensive support services to help students overcome academic, career, and social barriers.


In 2011, internationally acclaimed Unicorn Children’s Foundation (UCF), decided to create a Community High School where youth with Neurodiversity and hidden learning differences can find a safe, bullying free environment where they are respected and treated based on their strengths and abilities; a place where social skills, communication skills, career education, and life skills training allow for participation in community settings.  UCF developed a strength-based, interest-centered training model that allows each student to live their own dreams and control their own futures in a supported, measurable outcome-based learning environment.


The number of children affected by neurodevelopmental disorders continues to climb at alarming rates with nearly 1 of every 6 children affected.  At Unicorn, we believe that every individual, regardless of his/her disability, deserves an opportunity to lead fulfilled and productive lives.


Unicorn Village Academy’s mission:

To provide a strength-based learning environment that prepares students to live, work, and enjoy life in communities of their own choosing


A Program that Prepares Students for Life!

Unicorn Village Academy is an individual, strength-and interest-based educational model that allow students to achieve educational, personal, and career goals in an environment highlighted by self-determination and self-advocacy. The program integrates academics with speech/language, occupational therapies, counseling, social skills training, work-readiness preparation, activities of daily living and community based employment experiences. Unicorn Village Academy empowers students to cultivate respect for themselves and others by offering opportunities for life-long personal and social development.


Unicorn Village Academy uses a student-centered framework to intertwine the necessary and requisite skills building curriculum that traditional academic environments fail to address. Student educational plans are supported and self-directed, and student self-determination and self advocacy are integrated into all phases of the curriculum and the student’s community. The ultimate objective through customizing accommodations and educational supports is for individuals to sustain employment, contribute to community life, and develop and maintain relationships.


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