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Visionary Society

Gift of $10,000 or more in a fiscal year

These are a group of women who are united by their acts of generosity. Members of this society are presented with an exclusive gold Kaufmann de Suisse unicorn pin featuring a brilliant diamond eye as a beacon of hope.The vision, commitment and integrity of these special women have broadened our horizons and brightened our worlds.



*Founder’s Club members have helped to raise in excess of $1,000,000

Juliette Ezagui Valeria Rosenbloom Mary Lynn Bartolomeo
    Inducted 2011
Founder's Club*
Lori Cabrera Elisabeth Dalfen Emily Damiano
Inducted 2009 Inducted 2009 Inducted 2012
Yvonne Eldredge Angela Fisher Joanne Gabay
Inducted 2012 Inducted 2015 Inducted 2009
Kathleen Grace Silvana Halperin Noreen Hassan
Inducted 2012 Inducted 2014 Inducted 2011
Sarah Hassan Madeline Hillsberg Isabel May
Inducted 2013 Inducted 2011 Inducted 2012
Laura Moore Renata Moulavi  Genevieve Murphy
Inducted 2010
Founder's Club*
Inducted 2009 Inducted 2009
Shelley Resnick Jeannette Stark Karen Swanson
Inducted 2009 Inducted 2009 Inducted 2010
Founder's Club*
Gale Wechsler Teri Wolofsky Michelle Yellin
Inducted 2016 Inducted 2010
Founder's Club*
Inducted 2009
Zeigfeld Girls    
Inducted 2009    


Order of the Unicorn

Gift of $10,000 or more in a fiscal year

Philanthropic men inducted into the Order of the Unicorn have demonstrated their commitment to improving the quality of life for children and young adults with neurodiversity through their generous financial contributions to Unicorn Children's Foundation. Members of this brotherhood are presented with exclusively designed and donated Unicorn shield cufflinks from Gregory's Fine Jewelry as a symbol of their generosity which will be recognized in perpetuity.





Arthur Adler Dr. Rafael Cabrera Jay DiPietro
Inducted 2016 Inducted 2014 Inducted 2015
Gregory Fried Barry Halperin Fred Hassan
Inducted 2013 Inducted 2015 Inducted 2012
Bill Kruegel Harry Meran J.D. Murphy
Inducted 2015 Inducted 2015 Inducted 2012
Mike Rosenbloom    
Inducted 2012    


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